Freight Shipping - Commonwealth Of Independent States
Ship To Belarus, Russia, Ukraine

Freight shipping to and from the Commonwealth of Independent States (Russia) can be a complicated endeavor.Chatelain Cargo Services makes it easy. We work with your company through every step of the process to prevent delays and other difficulties that drive up transport costs.

Wherever necessary, we combine air freight, ocean freight, road freight, and intermodal transportation to get your goods into and out of Russia as quickly and efficiently as possible. With our Real Time Online Tracking System clients know their goods are safe and secure.

Freight shipping locations all over Russia are available to get your cargo as close to its final destination in as little time as possible.

Our freight rates are competitive. We take into account whether your freight load is air freight, ocean freight, or road freight, with freight shipping discounts that will meet your company budget.

Our staff is ready and able to assist you. Arranging pickup, completing your documentation and HazMat requirements, and seeing your cargo safely to its final destination is our pleasure.

Big loads or small, pickup and delivery, as fast as you need your freight to travel:Chatelain Cargo Services, Inc. is your solution. Get your FREE online freight quote today!