CCS Miami Useful tips to follow:

Resources: This page provides useful information when Shipping to Port-au-Prince, Haiti 

Shipping Procedures To Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, Revised: 01/05/2021:

When shopping online state in the remark section that your cargo is for EXPORT, this will automatically advise them to send the necessary documentation along with your purchases to us. Documents needed for Export are as follows:

  • Commercial Invoice, dated, and with an invoice number
  • Consignee full information, name, address, email, and telephone number
  • Packing List
  • If Hazardous, MSDS for each hazardous item - Hazardous Cargo requires an MSDS and or IMO to be sent along with your cargo upon arrival to the warehouse. We can obtain same at an additional cost to you. Keep in mind that Spa products, nail enamel, oils, hair creams, automobile oils, certain building supplies, paints, thinners, adhesives are all considered Hazardous Cargo and must arrive with an MSDS to our warehouse facility.  Amazon states cargo that is hazardous is not for export, as they do not provide an MSDS. We can obtain the MSDS needed for you.  If you are not sure if your cargo is hazardous, contact us prior to purchase and we will advise.
  • Delivery Address to state:   Votre nom/Your name/Consignee Name 7700 NW 79 PL REAR BAY 16 CCS, MEDLEY, FL 33166, USA
  • Full Truck Load Deliveries must be scheduled prior to arrival Call: 305-552-5212 ** HOLD FOR THE FIRST AVAILABLE REPRESENTATIVE**
  • If you are shipping to a Franchise, you must first confirm with the CCS Haiti Office that the franchise is active; contact and copy Alexandrine Nelson-Chatelain, General Manager Email:
  • If you are shipping to a Business in Haiti, the business must have an active Quitas (Corporate Taxes Paid)
  • If you are shipping to an Individual, the individual must have a Matricul Fiscal ( Haitian ID) and a Valid Haitian Driver license with a NIF number (our equivalent to a Social Security)


When your cargo sails, you will receive from us a "Notice of Sailing and Arrival Notice” which will include copies of all shipping documents, warehouse receipts, bill of lading, commercial invoice, packing slip, MSDS, and IMO if required.  CCPACK only receives a warehouse receipt. The Arrival Notice is sent to our CCS Haiti destination office to begin clearance formalities.  For clearance status, please contact:

  • CCS Haiti Commercial:
  • CCPACK CCXpress Service:
  • CCS Miami: