CCS Miami Useful tips to follow when Shipping to Port-au-Prince, Haiti 

Shipping Procedures To Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, Revised: 05/04/2021:

CCS revises current shipping procedures as changes become available to stay ahead of today's global changing demands.  CCS Miami and CCS Haiti are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our personnel and your cargo.  At this time, CCS Miami is not accepting visitors to our facility nor office.  All cargo must arrive packaged for EXPORT to CCS Miami. When shopping online state in the remark section that your cargo is for EXPORT, this will automatically advise them to send the necessary documentation on the outside of your cargo. CCS Miami and CCS Haiti do not open cargo to search for documentation, nor verify that cargo is in working order without damages from transportation road carriers drop shipping to us for you. All cargo is photographed, measured, and weighed upon arrival to CCS Miami.  If the box has physical damages on the outside, we will notify you with a photograph. Amazon and or eBay do not pack for EXPORT as they do not sell for EXPORT. You must request and pay for EXPORT inspection and or packing from CCS Miami prior to EXPORTING.  If you export from a vendor who did not pack for EXPORT, you relinquish your rights to file a claim for damages from us. 

Documents needed for Export are as follows:

  • Commercial Invoice, dated, with an invoice number per Haiti Customs.
  • Consignee full information, name, address, email, and telephone number per Haiti Customs.
  • Packing List by item, if used, each used item must be described as Used and given a face value, per Haiti Customs.

Fragile Purchases for Export:  if your purchase is fragile, you must request fragile packaging with the shipper for EXPORT.  Amazon nor eBay pack for EXPORT, as it does not SELL NOR SHIP internationally.  Fragile for Export requires additional cost, some shippers offer it, some do not.  If your item is fragile such as but not limited to glass, and or porcelain, ceramic, aluminum, compressed wood particles, plastic and can not bare weight on top for EXPORT, it is your responsibility to request fragile packaging at an additional cost to you, if not provided by the shipper. CCS Miami and or CCS Haiti will not be responsible for fragile content undeclared, and or not packaged for EXPORT.

Dangerous Goods: Hazardous Cargo must arrive at our warehouses with an MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet, per OSHA regulations in the US.  Hazardous Cargo is subject to an IMO documentation fee, plus a liner hazmat fee to be paid by you.

Some everyday products, like electronic cigarettes and aerosol spray starch, can be dangerous when transported on an aircraft and or containers overseas. Changes in temperature or pressure can cause some items to leak, generate toxic fumes or start a fire. Carriage of prohibited items may result in fines or in certain cases imprisonment. By using this service, you agree and ensure that there are no forbidden hazardous materials in your cargo undeclared like Lithium batteries, Explosives, Aerosol, Flammables, Oxidizers, Toxins, Radioactive, Corrosives, E-cigarettes, Spa products, beauty supplies, paint, acetone, bonding, adhesives of any kind liquid in a bottle of any kind that may be hazardous

Used and Returns: Under Uniform Commercial Code section 2-316, an as-is sold clause releases the seller from responsibility for the quality of the item for sale. CCS Miami and CCS Haiti do not open cargo to verify that the cargo is in working order.  CCS Miami and CCS Haiti will not be held liable for used as-in condition sales, or any content inside thereof.

Returns to Shipper/Seller: are subject to additional shipping costs paid by you at destination heading Northbound.

Delivery Address: 

 Votre nom/Your name/Consignee Name

 7700 NW 79 PLACE, BAY 16 CCS, MEDLEY, FL 33166

Full Truck Load Deliveries must be scheduled prior to arrival Call: 305-552-5212

CCS Haiti

Please allow 7-10 Haiti Customs business days, excluding Sundays, holidays, and country shutdowns for your cargo to be cleared and or delivered to your door for an additional fee. All cargo is subject to destination fees. 

  • If you are shipping to a Business in Haiti, the business must have an active Quitas (Corporate Taxes Paid)
  • If you are shipping to an Individual, the individual must have a Matricul Fiscal ( Haitian ID) and a Valid Haitian Driver license with a NIF number (our equivalent to a Social Security)
  • If you are shipping to a franchise, you will need to verify franchise status. Send an email to Alexandrine Nelson-Chatelain to: or Carl Lafortune to: 
  • CCS Haiti Commercial:  Jean Denis Dely -
  • CCS Haiti Sales - Pierre Claudy Carrier -
  • CCS Haiti Sales  PVC -
  • CCPACK CCXpress Service: Kelly Edouard Thales -
  • CCS Miami: