Current PAP News:
CCS Haiti

Revised as current news becomes available: 05/07/2024

Current PAP News:  

By using our services, you agree to our terms and conditions listed on the back of the Bill of Lading for FCL and or LCL, which is a limited liability per carrier bill of lading.  By using our service your cargo is not insured once it arrives at the Port. Failure to purchase Marine Ocean Insurance before shipping means that you accept the risk of loss, however so possibly caused.

05/07/2024 Full load Service available to Cap-Haitien on a weekly sailing.  Air shipments are PREPAID, and must be paid before shipping to Cap-Haitien rule set by the Airline. Service by vessel to PAP resumed on 04/19/2024 at a week-to-week risk of elimination at the liner's discretion. Commercial flights and Air Cargo to PAP, Haiti are now tentatively scheduled to resume on June 1st, 2024. Our last sailing to PAP is now 04/29/2024. If you need assistance to remove stored cargo from the airlines, please contact USA/Miami. Please contact the USA/Miami office for further details at (305)552-5212

04/10/2024 Port-au-Prince, Haiti Seaport, Airport Cargo, and Commercial flights to and from PAP continue to be closed. Port-au-Prince has been cut off from the rest of the country. Cargo received in the US is being stored in Miami, FL., until further notice. Our sailing dated 03/01/2024 was returned to Miami as the liner could not offload containers. We strongly advise you to purchase Marine Ocean Insurance, to have 15 days covered at the port from the time the vessel is offloaded as a precaution.  Ask us before shipping and insure your cargo. Haiti continues to be Very High Risk and lack of stability is widespread throughout the country.

01/19/2024 The port areas continue to be not secured. Marine Ocean Insurance covers your goods from door to port, and container transit to the destination agent max 15 days after the cargo is offloaded from the vessel.  It does not cover the destination agent's location, nor your location if FCL is delivered to your door.  An Annual Open Cargo Insurance for Business Consignees may be customized by you to cover you from transit shipper to your hands at destination for all your year-round shipping needs, saving you time and money. You can customize your coverage subject to rates per liability chosen by you. If you do not buy cargo insurance, you have accepted the risk of cargo damage or loss. Ask us for cargo insurance and protect your cargo before shipping.

12/24/2023 - CCS Haiti over the holiday experienced a warehouse fire in one of the sections of the warehouse. Thankfully, our office, and staff are operational and open for business.  What happens next is that clearance and pick up of LCL cargo will be at CPS 8, located on Airport Road.  The CCS Haiti traffic coordinator will contact you for clearance formalities. The port area continues to be not secured.

08/01/2023 - The port areas in Haiti continue to be "not secured."  Insuring your cargo with purchased insurance by you before shipping only covers from Door to Port with an additional 15 days max once offloaded.  CCS Haiti evaluates the day-to-day, risk of elimination of events, that may unfold sporadically before transporting a container from the port to our location or to a consignee door. This day-to-day risk of elimination creates a clearance delay of 15 days or even more depending on the risk, and or civil unrest.   Should you need urgent cargo transport, please consult our air rates at CCS Miami and CCS Haiti are separate entities.  For FCL and LCL please refer to the back of a Bill of Lading for terms and conditions port to door. We will continue to revise current Haiti news as we receive it, to keep you informed.

CCS Miami and or CCS Haiti are owned and operated individually under the jurisdictions they serve, subject to laws under each jurisdiction, and the location of each premise.  Haiti continues to be a Very High Risk for business climate.  Haiti is subject to sporadic civil unrest, especially in the Port areas. The process to release containers is a day-to-day risk elimination of the port areas.  Please keep in mind that clearance delays are to be expected within 15 days or beyond given the current lack of stability. If your cargo is urgent, please request an air rate before shipping to our Miami warehouse at 

CCS thanks you for your continued support, as we hope and pray for a peaceful resolution for Haiti.

Easy tips to remember before placing your next online order:

  • Make sure our delivery address has been updated to: Votre Nom/Consignee Name
  • 8900 NW 35th Lane Ste 140CCS Doral, FL 33172
  • All cargo must arrive packaged for EXPORT.
  • CCS Miami and CCS Haiti do not open cargo to search for documentation, nor verify that cargo is in working order without damages from transportation road carriers drop shipping to us for you.
  • All cargo is photographed, measured, and weighed upon arrival at CCS Miami. 
  • If the box has physical damage on the outside, we will notify you with a photograph. Amazon and or eBay do not pack for EXPORT. If you export from a vendor who did not pack for EXPORT, you may request export packaging at an additional cost to you. 

Documents needed for Export are as follows:

  • Commercial Invoice, or sales receipt dated, with an invoice number per Haiti Customs.
  • Consignee full information, name, address, email, and telephone number per Haiti Customs.
  • Packing List by item, if used, each used item must be described as Used and given a face value, per Haiti Customs.
  • Donated or Donations hold a value for customs clearance, if you do not insure, or declare the value before shipping, we are not responsible for delays at Customs and or duties assessed by Customs for failure to provide before shipping declared value.

Fragile Purchases for Export: 

  • Fragile for Export requires additional cost, some shippers offer it, and some do not. 
  • If your item is fragile such as but not limited to glass, porcelain, ceramic, aluminum, compressed wood particles, or plastic, and cannot bear weight on top for EXPORT, it is your responsibility to request fragile packaging at an additional cost to you, if not provided by the shipper.
  • CCS Miami and or CCS Haiti will not be responsible for fragile content undeclared, and or not packaged for EXPORT.

Dangerous Goods: 

  • Hazardous Cargo must arrive at our warehouses with an MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet, per OSHA regulations in the US. 
  • Hazardous Cargo is subject to an IMO documentation fee, plus a liner hazmat fee to be paid by you.
  • Some everyday products, like electronic cigarettes and aerosol spray starch, can be dangerous when transported on an aircraft and or containers overseas. Changes in temperature or pressure can cause some items to leak, generate toxic fumes, or start a fire. Carriage of prohibited items may result in fines or in certain cases imprisonment. By using this service, you agree and ensure that there are no forbidden hazardous materials in your cargo undeclared like Lithium batteries, Explosives, Aerosol, Flammables, Oxidizers, Toxins, Radioactive, Corrosives, E-cigarettes, Spa products, beauty supplies, paint, acetone, bonding, adhesives of any kind liquid in a bottle of any kind that may be hazardous

Used and Returns:

  • Under Uniform Commercial Code section 2-316, an as-is sold clause releases the seller from responsibility for the quality of the item for sale.
  • CCS Miami and CCS Haiti do not open cargo to verify that the cargo is in working order.  CCS Miami and CCS Haiti will not be held liable for used as-in-condition sales, or any content inside thereof.

Returns to Shipper/Seller:

  • Are subject to additional shipping costs paid by you at the destination heading Northbound.

CCS Miami FL USA Delivery Address COMPASS FREIGHT: 

Votre nom/Your name/Consignee Name

8900 NW 35th LANE, SUITE 140 CCS

DORAL, FL 33172

*Full Truck Load Deliveries must be scheduled before arrival Call: 305-552-5212

CCS Haiti

PAP, Haiti Customs business days continue to be sporadic at best due to the country's violent instability, during these uncertain times, when a container is received, we will do our best to guide you with a time frame for clearance based on the risk day-to-day process of elimination. Under these conditions, CCS HT is not liable for delays, acts of God, acts of war, theft by vandalism caused by civil unrest, or fire to cargo stored at bonded warehouse unless insured by you.  All cargo is subject to destination fees. 

  • If you are shipping to a Business in Haiti, the business must have an active Quitas (Corporate Taxes Paid)
  • If you are shipping to an Individual, the individual must have a Matricul Fiscal ( Haitian ID) and a Valid Haitian Driver's license with a NIF number (our equivalent to a Social Security)
  • If you are shipping to a franchise, you will need to verify the franchise status:
  • 04/10/2024 Due to the country's closure, CCS Haiti is running on an essentially limited group of employees listed below.  Should you have an urgency please send an email to or SEND A TEXT on WhatsApp (509)3701-6761
  • CCS HT Traffic Coordinator:
  • CCS HT Inside Sales:
  • CCS HT Warehousing/Agency Representation/Sales PVC:
  • CCXpress CCPack Customer Service:
  • CCS HT North Bound traffic to the US: